Who We Are

We are people who have been affected by clergy sexual abuse directly or indirectly.

  • Those abused as children or as adults
  • Those whose friends or family members were abused
  • Those who belong to a faith community in which abuse has occurred

So far, participants in the online meetings have been located in the United States, Canada, and Australia and belong to various Catholic / Christian faith communities.

At this time, meeting participation is by invitation only as we work to determine the best way to create a supportive meeting environment.

We hope to include persons of goodwill of any faith, or no faith, should this outreach grow.

Our Mission

Currently, the meetings are informal sessions where peers exchange ideas on healing from (and prevention of) clergy sexual abuse.

In the future, it is hoped that a professional component can be added with resource lists of health professionals, spiritual directors, and other survivor-sensitive service providers with specialized knowledge of clergy sexual abuse.

There are professional treatment centers available for sexual offenders; perhaps we should be looking at setting up such centers for their victims.

Meet the Facilitator

Lea Karen Kivi is currently facilitating the online discussions.

Lea has written books and articles about clergy sexual abuse, and has been hosting ad hoc online discussions since 2015 with survivors, church leaders, and others interested in prevention of clergy sexual abuse and sharing ideas on healing the wounded individuals, families, and faith communities.

Lea Kivi

Founder of Listening Place

Contact us to find out more about Listening Place or if you are interested in attending an online meeting.